news ENRICO CUINI Sponsor of San Marino Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 14 September 2021

The sponsorship agreement has been signed between the Commissioner General of San Marino for Expo Mauro Maiani and Enrico Cuini, the footwear designer from Marche who, together with his partner entrepreneur and orthopedist Taryn Rose, founded the footwear brand with his namesake.


The company's claim is "Powered by Alia, dreamt in the Republic of San Marino and crafted by artisans in Italy" precisely to describe the internationalization of this entrepreneurial initiative.


The history of the brand begins in 2014 from a deep love for shoes and from the desire to combine the knowledge of the biomechanics of the foot with the passion for fashion with the aim of creating products that are not only glamorous but also efficient, which would give every woman a true comfort experience.


Inspired by a butterfly, perched on the window of his studio, Enrico used his creative flair and know-how in the field of architecture to give life to the "Wing Shoe" technology: a structure with a winged dynamic bridge slab on both plantar arches. While waiting to receive the patent for this innovative invention, Enrico joins the companies of the Technological Pole of San Marino, making destiny coincide with the intentions of his partner and entrepreneur Taryn to have a stake in a company under San Marino law in 2015 the Enrico Cuini brand's journey in the Land of Freedom began as the first affiliate of the San Marino technological hub.


After years of testing, what started out as an engineering attempt by a San Marino-based startup has become a technologically and ideologically advanced millionaire business. What makes the difference is a detailed level of customization, with unique features that have never been conceived, developed and industrialized in mass production before. With more than 24 different fits for each size and more than 120 ways of further customization that can be customized to satisfy every uniqueness and need of the most demanding consumers and top American celebrities.

International sizing through virtual fitting and image recognition are the objectives the company is investing in to advance its offer on the market.


"I see the future of fashion as the intersection between craftsmanship and technology and this is the concept that I would like to convey with my brand and presence at Expo Dubai," says Enrico Cuini, commenting on the sponsorship agreement. “ALIA is our revolutionary technology, made with advanced materials, deemed so new and creative that we have already been granted patents in 30 countries”. Enrico also adds a personal reflection “Nature is never wrong, the feet speak a complex language that only needs to be understood. Many people despise and feel ashamed of their feet, others suffer with all types of footwear and this gets worse over the years. I would like to say to everyone that nature does not make mistakes. We have to take care of her from the ground up. Then, it will be easier to love and love each other ”.


Commissioner Mauro Maiani adds “Having as our partner in Dubai a pioneer brand in the footwear sector such as Cuini, born in San Marino and recognized all over the world, is a source of great pride. Innovation will be one of the most discussed topics during Expo and not only will we be able to promote the brand and its "Alia Technology" on numerous occasions but also show it to the public live ". In fact, Enrico Cuini provided the management team with two sleek models of décolletées to wear during working days and events in the Pavilion.