news With less than a year to go until Expo Dubai, Commissioner Maiani states: “It will afford a great opportunity” 24 October 2020

In the run-up to the Expo, the organizational machinery is getting back into gear. Having set up a base of operations, with the secondment of two civil servants to it on September 1, work is being done to implement the measures required for participation. Thus far, the first tenders have been issued with a view to assigning the relevant duties to those who will be responsible for setting up and bringing to life the pavilion showcasing the Republic of San Marino. As Commissioner Mauro Maini put it: “One tender is concerned with seeking out craftspeople making local products to be put on sale in the pavilion. The other is geared towards selecting the working team that will take care of marketing and content for the pavilion.”


Expectations are running high, with a plethora of requests for information. As Maiani states: “They are asking, above all, if it will go ahead. The expo is confirmed. We cannot forecast the number of visitors, but there is a determination to press ahead, and we hope that it will be the first major international event after Covid.” What sort of expo will it be? This is the question being asked even by those who have been involved in organizing and managing numerous expo appearances on the part of the Republic of San Marino. As Maini explains: “Having been conceived as the greatest expo that never was, it now retains the same level of ambition, also in terms of the business opportunities it will offer. The people of the UAE are great at handling not only the aspects of culture and entertainment, but also the business side of things, focusing their efforts on business matching with companies right around the world. It will be a great opportunity. Everything required is already in place. Let’s hope that Covid doesn’t put a spanner in the works.”