news Discover the exhibition theme and the logo of San Marino’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai 28 April 2021

The Republic of San Marino’s pavilion was designed in an experiential key, with a focus on interaction between visitors, their devices and the pavilion itself.


It will tell a story: the story of the treasures of San Marino, which will be the thread through which visitors can discover the history of the republic, the places that can be visited both within and outside the republic’s borders (given the short distances that separate San Marino from the surrounding attractions) and, last of all, the quality of life on offer here, thanks in part to the investment opportunities that can be exploited with a view to achieving sustainable development.


For this reason, the pavilion was conceived along the lines of a storytelling journey – the rooms and the elements that enrich it will immerse the visitors in San Marino’s history, thanks to their interaction with the screens with which the narrator will encourage them to engage, and to the smartphones or tablets through which they will learn in more depth about the various themes of interest to them.


The ornamental elements feature the arabesque style in homage to the brooch of the Domagnano Treasure, housed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which represents the connection between the two countries.


The story that the pavilion tells is that of the mystery of the Dame who wore the treasure, a narrative plot that allows us to move between past and present, making it possible to recount San Marino in a contemporary mode.


It is, then, a pavilion that extends beyond the realm of exhibition, into that of immersion, enriched by elements of technology and interactivity, designed to involve visitors and at the same time to offer the option to explore the themes in more depth later on.


Indeed, it is a bona fide phygital experience – one that has what it takes to express the disruptive thinking of the world’s smallest and most ancient republic.