news Preparations continue apace for Expo Dubai 26 March 2021

With six months to go before the inauguration of the most eagerly anticipated Expo, the Republic of San Marino is working hard to ensure everything is ready for the start date of October 1. As Secretary General for the Expo, Mauro Maiani, put it: “We are pulling out all the stops to meet the Expo deadlines, despite all of the difficulties, for us and them, resulting from Covid. We should be able to make the first shipment of materials by the end of April.” 


In this period two new tenders have been issued by those in charge with a view to encouraging not only executives but also young volunteers to make their valuable contributions to the San Marino Pavilion, calling upon them not to miss out on the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and experience on an international project. As Commissioner Maiani specified, “We have very recently issued the tenders for the executives and staff (deadline April 15) and also for the volunteer program for the pavilion, with eighteen places available in total, which is geared towards young residents of San Marino and, for the first time, also towards those matriculated at the University of San Marino (deadline May 7).”