news Notice of Request for Sponsors for the San Marino Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai 04 March 2021

The Commissioner-General of the Government of San Marino for EXPO 2020 Dubai, in view of the institutional responsibilities attributed to him for the creation of the San Marino Pavilion, hereby invites – pursuant to Decree Law No. 73 of May 7, 2020 – all public and private economic operators to submit proposals for financial sponsorship and/or sponsorship in the mixed form of Value-In-Kind contributions relating to services and/or supplies for the San Marino Pavilion.

In this regard, a number of applicable product categories are listed below:

  • Furnishings for VIP Lounge, technical lighting and carpeting
  • Wooden flooring for VIP Lounge
  • Paintings for Commissioner’s Office and VIP Lounge
  • LED digital screens, IT equipment and laptops, and telephones and internal telecommunications systems
  • Devices for measurement of visitor flows and CCTV within the pavilion
  • Single-use items for catering in VIP Lounge (dishes, plates, glasses, pans, trays, cups, etc., all made from biodegradable material)
  • Small catering appliances (fridges, microwaves and hot plates)
  • Coffee machines for use with coffee pods and with refillable tanks
  • Supply of espresso coffee pods
  • Uniforms for hostesses, stewards and interns
  • Merchandising, gift items
  • Travel agency/tour operator services with airline tickets
  • Insurance coverage
  • Translation service (English and Arabic)
  • Media/communications operations
  • Publishing, printing of marketing material and final legacy book
  • Printing of brochures and other promotional material
  • Food and drink products (with minimum shelf life of 6 months), including non-alcoholic drinks, for tastings in VIP Lounge and events in pavilion
  • Wine for tastings and “national day” event, and for tastings in VIP Lounge and at events in pavilion
  • Vehicle hire (in Dubai)
  • International shipment and transport services.


The sponsorship proposals must specify:

  • description of the business sector of the proposer organization and reason for sponsorship
  • financial value offered on the basis of one of the following types, specifying methods and timescales for delivery:
    • cash
    • contributions in the mixed form of cash/Value-In-Kind.

To this end, the following information is provided:

  • the Commissariat will also accept sponsorship proposals based exclusively on Value-In-Kind
  • in relation to sponsorship proposals based on a mix of cash and Value-In-Kind, the cash part must constitute at least 30% of the total value of the sponsorship
  • the overall value of the sponsorship must not include the costs incurred by the sponsor for the staging of corporate events in the pavilion

On the basis of the total financial value of their proposal, the sponsors, will have access to a series of benefits in terms of visibility, communication and co-marketing, as set out in Appendix 1 of this Notice.

The sponsorship proposals must be submitted by email to by July 30, 2021, attaching:

  1. Application for participation, including confirmation of the absence of reasons for exclusion, and confirmation of fulfilment of the applicable fiscal criteria.
  2. Photocopy of a valid identity document belonging to the proposer.


By virtue of participation in this procedure, the Commissioner is authorized to carry out all of the checks required to ascertain, through the competent authorities, the truthfulness of the declarations made by the proposer, and in particular of those concerning fulfilment of the fiscal criteria.

After approval by the Commissariat-General of the sponsorship proposal, a sponsorship contract will be drafted, which will be signed, pursuant to Decree Law No. 73 of May 7, 2020, by the Agency for Economic Development and by the sponsoring company.