comunicati Launch of the official site of the Commissariat-General of San Marino for Expo Dubai 2020! 04 March 2021

The official web portal of the Commissariat-General of the Government of San Marino for Expo 2020 Dubai is now online. The portal will make available all of the information on Expo 2020, including news on the activities of the Commissariat-General and the initiatives and events of the San Marino Pavilion during the six-month period in which the event will be open to the public. The organizers claim that the Expo, set to be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from October 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022, will be “the world’s greatest show”.

The homepage of the site features a countdown showing the time remaining before the start of the event, which the organizers are basing around a fascinating theme encapsulated by the slogan: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The new website contains a number of different sections, given over variously to Expo Dubai, to the Commissariat-General and to the San Marino Pavilion, with a section reserved for the San Marino media, complete with information on the methods and procedures for Expo accreditation. There are also major sections providing information on San Marino, intended in the main for visitors from outside Europe and from the MENASA region (Middle East-Gulf, North Africa and South Asia region), from which, according to the organizers’ forecasts, most of the anticipated 25 million visitors will come. The Work With Us section illustrates the recruitment process for the San Marino managers and staff who will work at the pavilion, and for the San Marino Pavilion Volunteer Program, which is geared towards youngsters and students from San Marino, as well as those who are resident in the republic. The Sponsorship section focuses on the opportunities and benefits offered to San Marino-based companies that wish to participate in the Expo with a view to expanding their network and to doing international business.

The website was designed by San Marino-based lead company AC&D Solutions, which specializes in the technological and digital innovation sector, and which was awarded the tender for the marketing of the pavilion on December 28, 2020. The site benefits from “responsive design”, meaning that it can be browsed and used in its entirety on any type of device, and will serve as the main tool for communication and interaction with visitors, the Emirati stakeholders and the companies and the public of San Marino.

The English version will be online by the end of March, whereas the Arabic version is due to be activated over the coming months. In due course, a content-management infrastructure will be put in place to enable interaction and sharing on social networks, thus facilitating access to the content, and active engagement with it, on the part of all users.

Federico Pedini Amati (Secretary of State for Tourism, Cooperation, the Postal Service and the Expo) stated: “Getting the site online is a first, small but tangible step towards San Marino’s participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai, which is set to be staged next October. The hope is that the event – alongside its value