news Digital Experience: mobile pavillion app 28 April 2021

A visit to the Pavilion will be accompanied and enriched by extra digital content, to be deployed alongside the physical content.


The app as Second Screen: techniques of augmented reality and indoor positioning will broaden out the content on display.


The app as 3D Virtual Tour: the visitor explores and interacts with the entire space of the pavilion and its staff. Thanks to the use of the app, a visit to the pavilion will be an engaging, interactive experience even for those who cannot be physically present.


The app as Game: on the virtual search for the Domagnano Treasure, “capturing” each element of it, winning the ability challenge and the prize up for grabs – a holiday in the Republic of San Marino.


The app as Informative Area: to stay constantly up to speed on the life of the pavilion, news and events, contacts, staff.