Opportunità di Business
For San Marino companies

Expected to attract 25 million visits from 192 nations from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Expo 2020 in the UAE will make history. These numbers alone make Expo 2020 Dubai the ideal stage to present your company. This global event is an extraordinary springboard for business and trade in the UAE but also for building business relationships with 192 participating countries. San Marino Pavilion - located in the “Opportunity” district at Expo 2020 in Dubai - is precisely an opportunity to present the San Marino country system and its businesses. 

There are 9 different ways to promote your business at Expo Dubai 2020. Discover them all below:


1. Take part in the sponsorship program of the San Marino Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020

This sponsorship program will provide companies of all sizes with personalized assistance from our team, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities and services offered by the San Marino Pavilion to get in touch with business partners in the Gulf region and beyond!. "Whether you are already active internationally or are thinking of taking this step, we are here to give you all the necessary support".  You can sponsor the San Marino Pavilion with a “cash” financial contribution or with a “value in kind” exchange. We are always looking for products, services.


For more information: See Sponsorship section


2. Book the VIP Lounge of the Pavilion. Invite your guests, clients, agents, stakeholders to the Pavilion and use the Vip Lounge for meetings, b2b meetings and the pavilion to host your event.


3. Book the Pavilion for your special event. Our pavilion is an experience, but it can be used also as a platform where you can host your guests for dedicated and invitation-only meetings or events. The Pavilion can be closed to the public and open for your special event in the evening and will be available to the sponsor and your guests also with the possibility of organizing an external catering with wine consumption. This setup will be possible only for private events and not available to the public without any invitation. The pavilion's multimedia system can be programmed to project sponsor videospot and audio. All costs for organizing the "special event" will be covered by the sponsor.


4. Take part in the trade missions that will be organized by the San Marino Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.


5. You can use the B2B App created by Expo in a "premium" position and get in touch with the stakeholders and companies of the countries participating in the Expo and create your own network of contacts during all six months of the event and form alliances with partners from all over the world .


6. You can participate in the "thematic weeks" organized by Expo, at trade fairs, conferences organized in the Expo Center and in Dubai.. Join us and let us introduce you to our partners and our network.


For more information click on Events


7. Join us on the website www.sanmarinoexpo.com and on social media. We are looking for interesting success stories to tell and fantastic videos to share about San Marino companies.


8. Register your business on the Expo 2020 online marketplace. The Organizer offers a single online marketplace where companies from around the world can register and connect, collaborate and compete for global business opportunities.


For more information click on ONLINE MARKETPLACE


9. Do you have a great idea? Let us know! We want this Expo to be a collective effort: a collaboration between businesses, government and institutions.

If you have an interesting idea, we'd love to hear from you!


Write to infoexpo2020@gov.sm