news Dubai is getting closer. Disclosed The Volunteers of the San Marino Pavilion 16 August 2021

A veil of emotion and adrenaline were perceived on the 25 young volunteers’ faces that yesterday afternoon met for the first time together with the management staff of the San Marino Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. The appointment took place at the Prestige Room of San Marino Outlet Experience “The Market”.

The protagonists of the day are young girls and boys between 20 and 25 years old, all from San Marino except 2 Italian students from the University of San Marino. After having passed several selection steps, including motivational, psycho-aptitude interviews and english tests, they are now finally ready to live this great experience. They were welcomed by the Commissioner General of Expo and Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Mauro Maiani.

The management staff of the Pavilion and the Director Letizia Cardelli were also presented to the volunteers, who gave them a warm welcome and a first overview of what life will be like at Expo.

The Commissioner stated that the departure date for the first volunteers’ round will take place by 5th September, while the remaining assigned to the second round will leave at the end of November. Some training days in the Republic will soon be planned to ensure the learning of important concepts to better welcome and assist visitors during their visit to the Pavilion.

"Today" - continues Maiani "our team finally takes shape and the adventure of Expo is getting closer and closer. I would like to underline the importance of the role you are about to start, which is representing San Marino in front of the whole world. This is a source of pride but also great responsibility. Projecting yourself into a global event like Expo will certainly be not only a professional opportunity but also a personal growth.

At the end of the Commissioner's speech, the students took the floor by briefly introducing their stories and listing the deeper reasons that led them to undertake the choice of applying as Expo Volunteers.

Among those present Chiara Zannoni, a sammarinese girl who, unlike the rest of the group, will remain in Dubai for the entire seven-month period and between the various roles, will coordinate the volunteers within the Pavilion reporting to the staff of managers, as Chief Volunteer.

The day ended on the terrace of "The Market" with a convivial moment and a welcome toast in which the young guys broke the ice, warmly exchanging their feelings and getting to know the staff of the Pavilion managers who will support them along their time spent at Expo.