FOOD AND WINE The Terra di San Marino brand: the value of traditions

Enhancing this Republic through its traditional products is a goal the State of San Marino embraced in 2003 by establishing the Consortium and the “Terra di San Marino” brand, so as to protect and enhance the flavors and authenticity of its local traditions, joining professional associations as well as sector cooperatives and groups. The safety and traceability of food, the rediscovery of local traditions, and the importance of rural culture are the three pillars upon which the Consorzio Terra di San Marino is based.

The Consortium holds numerous events and initiatives that act upon producers by implementing processes involving innovation and certification to ensure quality so as to safeguard traditional products and enhance, through restaurants and menus, San Marino’s most traditional dishes and the use of “Made in San Marino” products.

By rediscovering and promoting its own products, San Marino wishes to tell the world its own story, full of traditions and values, and to affirm its own identity and diversity in an increasingly globalized and standardized world.

There are 6 traditional production chains in San Marino:


  1. Grains, soft wheat and barley, flour, bread, piadina, and derived products;
  2. Extravirgin olive oil;
  3. Wildflower honey, or honey made exclusively from acacia, chestnut, honeydew;
  4. Typical local wines;
  5. Cattle;
  6. Fresh milk and cheese, heavy cream and yogurt.

Plus there are longstanding companies offering consumers traditional products like the Torta San Marino (wafer cake) that is part of San Marino’s cultural and historical food and wine heritage.